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VPS Hosting Vs Cloud Hosting

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Its slightly difficult to really choose between a vpd server or cloud hosting. As both are great to use platforms with many advantages, features, differences.

Cloud hosting

In cloud hosting, hundred of individual servers work together so that it looks like one giant server. It’s the advanced hosting plan and can be cost-effective when compared with other hosting types. It offers nearly unlimited ability to handle high traffic or traffic spikes.
You don’t depend on only one server – even if one server is broken, the others will backup its data and processes and no downtime will appear.
  • Advanced automated redundancy freely scalable servers
  • Flexible and Cost Efficient
  • Unlimited Ability to Handle Traffic Spikes
  • Server Scalability
  • Allows you to pay for only what you use in the resources
  • You can often clone, deploy and remove servers in an instant
  • Your site will never be restricted by the spec of a physical machine
  • Potentially Insecure
  • Need advance knowledge of web server software to handle effectively.

VPS server hosting

VPS servers use “virtualization” technologies . VPS is a method of splitting a physical server into multiple servers to effectively divide their resources between multiple users. It is like a town House. It is bigger than apartment and gives you more control than your shared hosting account. In this, you have control with everything inside your walls. But you share the property.
It creates the environment like Dedicated server but in a shared hosting situation. After all, it is a single server and has one single point of failure for all containers hosted in that server.
  • Wide range of preconfigured servers 
  • With VPS, you have your own partition and root access. You have the ability to install applications and customize software configurations to your exact specifications.
  • With VPS however you are given a higher guaranteed amount of RAM and CPU limits as well as more control over the server itself.
  • Cost Effective
  • Under the VPS, custom firewall configurations are feasible because of the portioning between users.
  • Each customer is separated at the operating level and each virtual environment has its own file system. This minimizes the risk of unauthorized access from both hackers and DoS attacks.
  • Instant Scalability
  • More Expensive than Shared Hosting
  • With VPSs, you have more resources, more performance, more freedom, more flexibility, but you’re still sharing the machine.
  • Limited Ability to handle High traffic
  • Need Little Bit Technical Knowledge
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